Historic Wells of West Yorkshire

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Water is a thing that people cannot do without. Before the coming of mains supply the need for drinking water dictated the settlement patterns of West Yorkshire. Villages were sited where there was a plentiful supply for domestic use, farms where water could be found for crops and livestock.

Every spring and well has its own character. Some are holy wells dedicated to a local saint or miracle worker. Others are good for making tea or curing eyesight problems. Some have and have flourished into spas like Slaithwaite or Lockwood but most have disappeared without a trace.

Many of the ones that remain, lie neglected by the side of West Yorkshire’s highways and byways, though some like the Town Wells at Calverley or Guiseley have been restored and are now objects of civic pride.

Whatever their status, the holy wells, water troughs and spas of West Yorkshire are an important source of historical information. They deserve detailed studying and recording before they are lost for ever.

To view details of my talk on historic wells click here.

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