Archaeology – Lowe Hill Conservation, History and Much More

A FREE day school on Friday  2nd of June 2017

Venue: Thornes Park College (Wakefield) and the castle itself

Start Time: 10.30

Lowe Hill motte and bailey castle (Thornes Park, Wakefield, UK

Lowe Hill is Wakefield’s hidden castle.  It is situated on the highest point of Thornes Park and the earthworks are currently obscured by trees. The Friends of CHAT (Clarence, Holmfield and Thornes parks) have begun a programme of work which will enhance the historic and amenity values of the site. This FREE day school is aimed at anyone interested in the history and display of earthwork castles and at those who might be interested in volunteering for the Lowe Hill Project.


Topics to be discussed will include:

The history and archaeology of earthwork castles

Problems of management and conservation

Interpreting the past to the public

The role of the volunteer

Keeping volunteers and members of the public







FREE Guided Walk: Lowe Hill Castle, Wakefield

Date: 20th May 2015

Start time: 18.30

Starting Point: CHATS Centre, Wakefield College, Wakefield WF2 84Z

Lowe Hill motte and bailey castle (Thornes Park, Wakefield, UK
Lowe Hill motte and bailey castle (Thornes Park, Wakefield, UK

This free guided walk is sponsored by the WEA (Workers Educational Association) and CHATS (Friends of Clarence, Holmfield and Thornes Parks). It explores the history and archaeology of the motte and bailey castle at Lowe Hill, Wakefield (UK). We will consider how recent archaeological work has contributed to our understanding of the site and discuss the problems of managing large earthwork archaeological sites such as this.

The walk is not difficult but is over grassy parkland. Appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear should be worn.

For further details or to book a place in advance visit the WEA website.

For further details of Thornes Park visit the CHATS website.


Pontefract Castle Walk now available for booking.

Inner gateway, Pontefract Castle

Inner gateway, Pontefract Castle

Are you the events secretary for a local group looking to give your members and an informed view of local history? Then this is just what you are looking for. This walk into the past takes you from Anglo-Saxon times to the birth of the liquorice industry in Pontefract. Its focus is the massive royal castle of Pontefract and some of the major events in the history of northern England.

The Royal Apartments, Pontefract Castle

The Royal Apartments, Pontefract Castle

Such events as the death of Richard II have become part of the public consciousness thanks to Shakespeare but how much do we really know? Then there’s the Insurrection known as the Pilgrimage of Grace, an event now only remembered by historians, but it could have brought down the government of Henry VIII. And then there are the three sieges and the eventual destruction of the Castle during the English Civil War.  If you like ruins with a history, this one really is for you.

For a full description of the walk and details of how to book a session for your group, click here.

Medieval Castles of West Yorkshire: 7th May 2013

Sandal Castle, West Yorkshire, UK

Sandal Castle, West Yorkshire, UK

On the eventing of the 7th of May I shall be presenting a new talk to the John Wheelwright Archaeological Society. The subject of this fully illustrated talk is The medieval castles of West Yorkshire. The society meets at Knowl Club (17 Knowl Rd, Mirfield, West Yorkshire WF14 8DQ. The meeting starts at 8.00.

Medieval Castles of West Yorkshire is just one of several talks I can offer to local groups. If you would like more information contact me here.