Leeds Trinity Archaeology Project

Working on site

Working on site

As part of their professional placement trainee teachers at Leeds Trinity University are expected to plan and deliver schemes of work on a particular theme. Besides helping the students acquire new skills the placement provides host schools with material which they can use in their teaching in future years.


As part of the programme of placements this year, two groups of students elected to work on using archaeology in the primary school classroom. They were hosted by Greenhill Primary and St Phillip’s Catholic Primary – two schools in Leeds (West Yorkshire, UK).

Much of the work naturally depended on creating classroom resources but one element was carrying out a small scale excavation in the grounds of each school. These activities formed the subject of my blog at the time and can be followed by looking at the blog archives for March 2014.

The range of finds from the two sites was fairly similar, consisting largely of 19th and 20th century pottery, glass, metal working waste and cinder. Additional items included modern copper coins, glass marbles, plastic buttons and fragments of clay pipe stem. The finds from Greenhill seem to have been the most recent and were probably deposited during the landscaping of the school grounds. The clay pipe stems in the assemblage from St Phillip’s would suggest a date in the late Victorian or early 20th century. They probably represent field manuring as the site was still agricultural land prior to the construction of the school buildings.

A fully detailed report of the two excavations is now available. If you would like to down load a copy click on the link bloow.

Leeds Trinity Archaeology Project Report

Dave Weldrake, April 2014




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