Discover your local heritage


The Soldier’s Trench – a possible stone circle on Brackenahll Green

The Soldier’s Trench – a possible stone circle on Brackenahll Green

This list of books and websites was put together for students on my WEA history and heritage courses. These have covered a wide range of topics and have included sessions on Ilkley and the Central Wharfe Valley, Shipley, Bingley and Baildon, as well as several courses about Bradford – all settlements in West Yorkshire (UK).  These pages outline the principal sources which I found useful during my own researches. As such they don’t pretend to be exhaustive but it might help others find a starting point for their own studies. The list of sources was getting too long to be displayed comfortably on a single page.  I have therefore split the material into three for ease of usage. Just click on the links below to take you where you want to go.

National Sources fo Information

Regional Sources of Information

Towns and villages


Many of these items below have been recommended (or even given) to me by my students. Others have shared a lifetime of local knowledge with me and the other members of the class. I would like to thank them all for contributing so much to the success of my heritage courses.


One comment on “Discover your local heritage

  1. Irene Orchard says:

    A brilliant resource Dave, so generously made available to other researchers. Easily accessible and wide ranging.

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