Discover Your Local Heritage: Sources of Regional Information

This page and others like it was designed to help students on my local history courses. For more details go to the Introduction.

Online Resources

Britons Anglo-Saxons and Vikings in West Yorkshire

This is an internet presentation which I wrote some years ago while working for the West Yorkshire Archaeology Advisory Service. It still represents one of the best regional summaries for the period between the departure of the Romans and the arrival of the Normans.

 Lost railways of West Yorkshire

An excellent website that will give you details of routes and rail companies. All the routes are copiously illustrated with both old and contemporary photographs making it easy to follow even vanished railway lines.


Tracks in Time

The website was originally set up by West Yorkshire Archives Service to digitise the Tithe Award maps for the whole of Leeds District. It has since been extended to cover the 16 townships which formed the Bradford Registration District in 1851. The maps are fully  zoomable and can be searched by the names of plots and owners.

West Yorkshire Geologyl Trust

Quarrying along Baildon Bank

Quarrying along Baildon Bank

Understanding the nature of your local geology helps to understand the character of the buildings within your area. This site offers a great deal of information about the geology of the region and suggests many local geology sites to visit. This can be useful, not only for the study of geology itself, but also from the point of view of industrial archaeology as several of the local geology sites are former quarries.

Yorkshire Archaeological Society: Roman Antiquities Section

At the time of writing (2016) this site still has several pages which have not yet been completed. However, where the information has been uploaded, it is both authoritative and readable.

Yorkshire milestones

This link gives access to an interactive map of Yorkshire which you can use to find local milestones. Other links from the page will take you to information on milestones via the pages of the Milestone Society. This is a national body interested, not only in milestones, but also in signposts and other way markers.

Yorkshire Mines

This untitled pdf gives a list of Yorkshire mines with their opening and closing dates. It appears to be part of a longer work but no author’s name is given.


Domesday Book: Yorkshire

A two-volume set published by Philimore in 1986 and edited by M. L. Faull and M. Stinson. This gives a facsimile version of the document on one page and a translation on the other with lots of useful information in the way of footnotes. For an online abstract of the information see Online Domesday.

Riches of the Earth

A very good publication on the extraction industries in the South Pennines. There are case studies and guided walks for Baildon, Oxenhope and Todmorden Moors.

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