History of Pudsey and District

A new Monday morning Heritage course for the WEA

Pudsey Railway Heritage

Venue: Pudsey Wellbeing Centre, Robin Lane Pudsey, LS28 7BR

Dates: 15/01/18 – 26/03/2018

Time: 10.00 – 12.00

Cost: £70

This course explores the development of Pudsey and the surrounding area. Most of the sessions will be indoors but two guided walks/site visits are also envisaged (if weather permits).

Topics will include:

The region in Prehistoric and Roman times: prehistoric trackways, Roman roads, prehistoric monuments Roman settlement in the locality

Anglo-Saxon and Domesday Pudsey – place name evidence, the British Kingdome of Elmet, effects of the Norman Conquest

Medieval Pudsey– place name evidence, documentary sources, field systems, modern map evidence

Tudors and Stuarts – effects of the dissolution of the Monasteries, development of gentry classes, Tudor/Jacobean housing boom

Church and chapel; rise of non-conformity, Waterloo Churches, role of churches in social life

Transport networks- pack horse routes, turnpikes, railways

Victorian and early 20th century Pudsey – agriculture and industry, development of commuting

For further details or to enrol online follow this link  to the WEA website.