Discover Your Local Heritage Update

All Saints Church Little Horton Green Bradford

All Saints Church Little Horton Green Bradford

As part of the backup I provide for students on my local history/heritage courses I maintain a page called Discover Your Local Heritage. This gives details of the websites and books which are mentioned during the courses and should help students follow up on any of the topics which we have discussed.

The page is in three sections – National, Regional (Yorkshire) and Towns and Villages. They would also be useful to those people carrying out independent research into their own local communities.

To visit the Discover Your Local Heritage page click here.

I will be running three local history/heritage courses starting next week. There’s one each in Bradford, Ilkley and Shipley. For details click on the link below and it will take you to the appropriate course outline on the WEA website.





Leeds Trinity Site Report now available

Students at work on the project

Students at work on the project

Earlier this year I worked on an education project at Leeds Trinity University. The major focus was to show trainee teachers how archaeology could be fitted into the national Curriculum and offer practical opportunities to engage children in the study of history. I have now written a formal report on the project which you can download by clicking on the link below.

Trinity Site Report v 1