Archaeology and art at KS2

A Year 3 pupil’s drawing of a piece of early 19th century pottery

A Year 3 pupil’s drawing of a piece of early 19th century pottery

Last week I did one of my archaeology sessions in a school in Bradford (West Yorkshire, UK). They are designed to follow the process of archaeology through from beginning to end. I start by talking about how archaeology works, do a simulated excavation with the children, talk about dead bodies, and wind up with the children using some of my artefacts as a basis for observational drawing. I always try to make the point that archaeology is not just about digging it’s also about sharing the knowledge that you’ve gained during your excavations. Therefore we always write a report with lots of photographs and lots of plans and drawings. The trouble for me is that I can’t draw for toffee: I always have to get someone else to do it for me. For that reason it always amazes me to see the quality of the art that some of these children produce. Perhaps in a few years I’ll be having one of them working on drawings for one of my site reports…

Full details of my sessions for schools and how to book can be found by clicking on Archaeology for Schools.



One comment on “Archaeology and art at KS2

  1. bev says:

    Yes lots of opportunities here for developing skills in art but also opportunities for extending pupils vocabulary when discussing the objects in terms of size, texture etc. Found this work with Dave has also helped pupils utilise and develop their mathematical skills in a practical context. Measuring becomes fun when working out the size of a find.

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