Wells in Clark Spring Wood (3)

Sunday 14th Septemnber 2014

One of the reconstructed wells

One of the reconstructed wells

Today was a day of cleaning up the two wellheads and taking photographs. There are times when recording a site seems to take longer than digging it. After this the area around the two wells was landscaped to present them as attractive features within the woodland. The outflow from the larger well has also been dammed to give a second large sheet of water before flowing on into the beck. All that remains to be done now is to write up a report on the findings: hopefully this will be done in the next couple of weeks.

 Looking to the future

This all makes it sound like all the archaeological work is soon to be wrapped up and parcelled away. “Job done”, as they say. However, life’s never quite so simple. There is an immutable law of archaeology that if there’s anything unexpected waiting   to be found, it will always turn up at three o’ clock on the last working day. I can remember one excavation I worked on early in my career when it was the wheel pit with the bottom third of a wooden millwheel in it.

The mystery feature

The mystery feature

Nothing so spectacular in Clark Spring Wood I’m afraid, but the unexpected did happen. Somebody was asked to find a rock to fill a gap in a piece of rebuilt walling. Instead of finding a single loose stone he found a whole row of them set on edge across one of the present channels of the beck. I’ve no idea of what they are for. Perhaps there’s scope for another archaeological project in Clark Spring Wood next year…


Work on site

Work on site

Finally I would like to thank the Churwell Environmental Volunteers for all the hard work which they put into the archaeology project over the past couple of days. Without their efforts none of this could have been accomplished.



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