Wells in Clark Spring Wood (2)

Saturday’s work

As you might expect, Saturday produced a very muddy day’s work. However we have managed to reveal what remains of the structure of the two well heads. One is fairly well preserved as a stone lined recess with a stone threshold which holds back the water to form a trough. The other, though larger is less well preserved. There is currently no trace of any superstructure only an array of three stone slabs which would have dammed the flow of the water.

A reflection of geology

Both wells were cut into a layer which consisted of stones mixed in with clay. This is probably the local subsoil: we’ll be getting a geologist to look at it tomorrow. If so this is the point where rainwater percolated through the soil and flowed across a layer which it could not penetrate – an ideal place in fact to place a tank in order to catch it.


The function of the two wells is also a bit of a mystery. The smaller one, though very similar to many wells which can be seen by the roadside as you travel around West Yorkshire, is hardly deep enough to get a bucket into. The other as well as being larger, is also deeper. If there were no superstructure, this could perhaps represent the remains of an animal trough.


We’ll just have to see what tomorrow brings…




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