Calverley Wells Revisited

Calverley Town Wells in spring 2014 – totally flooded

Calverley Town Wells in spring 2014 – totally flooded

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Geoffrey Morris, a correspondent in Wales who is researching his family tree. He writes:

Christopher Keighley and his second wife, Elizabeth née Wade, lived in Well Close, Calverley, in 1881, with two of their children: Arthur and Anne, my mother’s mother. I’ve just come across your website, and wonder whether you can tell me anything about Well Close: exactly where it is, and perhaps even a photo!

It’s a very interesting problem and one to which I don’t think I can provide a solution. I’ve had a look at a couple of sources only to draw a blank, but readers might like to follow the same process themselves just to see if I’ve missed anything.

I started by looking at Tracks in Time  which will allow you to search the Leeds Tithe Maps in a variety of ways and to compare the results with modern maps and aerial photographs. This gives me the location of two groups of fields called Well Close in Calverley Township. One is situated at SE 209 351, the other on SE 193 346. According to the 1880s O. S. map there is no habitation at either site so these are unlikely to be the one Geoffrey is interested in.

The Leodis database , an index of old images of Leeds also offers no matches either.   Neither does a modern A-Z. So I guess I’m stumped. Perhaps someone else can help out.

For more information about the historic wells of Calverley see:

Calverley Town Wells

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3 comments on “Calverley Wells Revisited

  1. Pete says:

    Could it be Wells Close in adjacent Rawdon? Some old terraced houses tucked away at the end. I think Calverley was classed as North Bierley in the 19th century whereas Rawdon was Guiseley, but they’re very close.

  2. Pete Saxton says:

    Hi – scratch the comment I left yesterday – Rawdon’s Well Close didn’t exist in 1880 – the Well close they’re looking for is Well Close off Stoney Royd, Farsley, – see census details here:
    Can’t find it on the old maps though? Hope that helps

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