The Meanwood Valley: a new addition to Heritage Education’s range of Guided Walks

Hessle Well

Hessle Well

Meanwood Beck

Meanwood Beck

Heritage Education is now offering a new addition to the range of guided walks which it can deliver to local groups and societies. This focuses on the Meanwood Valley, one of the most attractive spots in Leeds. Now a public park, it has been many different things in its long history. In the 19th century it was the home of Edward Oates who built his famous American garden there. Before that the valley had developed as a centre for the regionally important Leeds tanning industry. Even further back the land belonged to the monks of Kirkstall Abbey who had quarries, watermills and smithies there.

For a more detailed description of the walk click here.


ll walks cost £50 for group bookings.  A 20% discount is available if you book two or more talks or guided walks.

 How to book

To book walk for your group contact me here.


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