Leeds Trinity Archaeology Project 7

The fieldwork is now completed and the students have finished their placement in school. Like any other archaeology project there’s still a lot of work to be done but from here we go our separate ways. The students spent their last day in school sharing the results of the work with the larger school community. One group made classroom museums: the other buried a time capsule. Now they have their presentations to do. My colleague, Beverley Forrest, is working on the ways in which the students work can be shared with a larger audience. She will, for example, be featuring the project in her talk at the forthcoming Historical Association Conference.

For me, it means that I can go back to blogging in my usual desultory manner – a couple of posts a month instead of a couple of posts a week. Which is just as well as it will give me time to write up a formal report about the two excavations. We may have been working with children but these have been real excavations, not play activities. This means that we are obliged to share our results with the wider archaeological community. I shall upload a copy of the report when it is completed (hopefully in a couple of weeks time). A copy of the report will also be deposited with the West Yorkshire Historic Environment Record where they will be archived for the use of future archaeologists.

In the meantime, I would like to thank Greenhill Primary and St Phillips Catholic Primary School for hosting the project and providing lots of support for the students. Thanks are also due to Martin Bartholomew and Liz Weldrake who gave up their free time to work on the excavations.Most of all I would like to thank the students themselves:

Matthew Bottom
Jarrett Brough
Emily Elsworth
Henna Ijaz
Keri O’Reilly
Jade Smith
Kate Towler
Danielle Turner
Charlotte Wakefield

Without all the effort and hard work which they put into the project, it could never have been the success it has been.



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