Leeds Trinity Archaeology Project 4

The simulated excavation

The simulated excavation

Putting things together

In an era of ever tighter budgets, finding suitable resources for an activity can present a problem. The cheapest way to get round it is to use two things that you already have in a novel way. And this is exactly what one of the students working on the Archaeology Project did.

Simulated excavation

He took a school sandpit and one of those articulated plastic skeletons used for the teaching the study unit on the human body, put them together to make an archaeology simulation. The excavation of the half buried skeleton offered an opportunity, not only to discuss what happens when an archaeologist discovers a dead body, but also to emphasize the need for care when the class got chance to work on a real dig. After the excavation the bones were laid out in their correct anatomical order and the group discussed questions about what you can learn from human remains.

Solving a common question

Have you ever found any dead bodies is one of the most common questions children ask (along with have you ever found any buried treasure? or Have you ever found a dinosaur? This exercise offers a neat way of dealing with the question as well as giving the teacher an opportunity to revise part of the science curriculum – just by using the things you have in an in a new and imaginative way.



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