Pontefract Castle Walk now available for booking.

Inner gateway, Pontefract Castle

Inner gateway, Pontefract Castle

Are you the events secretary for a local group looking to give your members and an informed view of local history? Then this is just what you are looking for. This walk into the past takes you from Anglo-Saxon times to the birth of the liquorice industry in Pontefract. Its focus is the massive royal castle of Pontefract and some of the major events in the history of northern England.

The Royal Apartments, Pontefract Castle

The Royal Apartments, Pontefract Castle

Such events as the death of Richard II have become part of the public consciousness thanks to Shakespeare but how much do we really know? Then there’s the Insurrection known as the Pilgrimage of Grace, an event now only remembered by historians, but it could have brought down the government of Henry VIII. And then there are the three sieges and the eventual destruction of the Castle during the English Civil War.  If you like ruins with a history, this one really is for you.

For a full description of the walk and details of how to book a session for your group, click here.


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