Back to school with archaeology

Something new for a new school year

Working on site

Working on site

And so the new term has stared. You’re back at school refreshed and raring to go, but there could still be a problem. You’re there standing in front of another 30 children trying to find a way to interest them in the topic of the day. Maybe this year you feel the need for something a little more exciting? Something to brighten your day as well as theirs? If so archaeology’s the thing for you. It can engage children in practical activities in a way that no other subject can.

Winter activities

Roman Pottery

Roman Pottery

I’ve spent my summer fine-tuning the activities I can offer to schools. With sessions such as Archaeology in the classroom I can bring the past alive for your children by using artefacts found in archaeological excavations. Or, if they’d like to find their own evidence for the past in their own community, a garden finds survey could enable them to do just that. To find out more click here.

Thinking further ahead

Hard work in the rain

Hard work in the rain

It may seem that now it’s rainy and cold the sun will never shine again. But it will and you want to be ready for it. Why not have an archaeological excavation in your school grounds like they did at Austhorpe last term? Children love it. Believe me, they will miss their playtime (and their lunches too if I’d let them) just to be allowed to dig for a few moments more. Excavation produces absolute pupil commitment. There’s nothing else like it.

Later in the year I’ll be putting up some information about what’s involved in excavation work with schools, so that planning can begin for the spring. In the meantime, if you’d like the idea and would like to find out what it entails, get in touch via my contact page.


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