Silkstone Waggonway 3


A busy day for the volunteers on this project. We had intended to fill in the trench along the line of the pass-by yesterday but the weather left everyone feeling that they just had to go home. So today I left a couple of people to clean up,  do the site planning and backfill while the rest of us went on to a new site.

They did a lot more than that. They exposed more sleeper stones from the waggonway and generally seem to have had a whale of a time.  In fact the effect was so good we left the trench open instead of backfilling it tonight. So if you want to get along and have a look at what we’ve done, now’s your last chance. All you need to do is walk along the waggonway from the Ring o’ Bells in Silkstone towards the potworks. You can’t miss it. But don’t delay; the site will be backfilled in the middle of next week.

And the new site, what can we say about that? Quite a lot really, but we’ll leave that for tomorrow. .


Silkstone Waggonway 1

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This morning I started work on a school archaeological project to examine a short stretch of passby on the Silkstone waggonway. With the assistance of Year 5 from Silkstone Primary School we put down a couple of sondages and measured in the trenches. This will be later matched to data from the survey done of the waggonway by ArchHeritage some time ago.

The idea of looking at the passby was to see if the sleeper stones could be located and, if they could, to see if they were still in their original place. Almost immediately we found one, but it’s not in its original place. It’s been turned through 90 degrees so that it faces in the wrong direction. However, as we’ve gone lower, a couple more have appeared. We’ll just have to see what tomorrow might bring…