New for local societies: Bingley and St Ives Walk

Walking in the footsteps of history

The view from the Druid’s Altar

Are you the busy social secretary of some local group or organization? Looking for an interesting and informative day out?  Want to feel that you’re walking in the footsteps of history? Then look no further: this one is for you.

The Bingley and Si Ives walk is a guided tour through the wooded landscape between the bustling town of Bingley and the Druid’s Altar with its panoramic views of the Aire Valley. En route we discuss the history of Bingley and the St Ives Estate to discover how the past can influence the landscape we see today.

For a full description of the walk and details of how to book a session for your group, click here.


WEA Inclusive Archaeology Project

Over the past few months I’ve been working on the WEA Inclusive Archaeology Project. This Heritage Lottery funded project aims to involve people in archaeology who would otherwise have no access to it. For my part I’ve been working with leaners with severe mobility problems from Mariners and Osmondthorpe Resource Centres in Leeds (West Yorkshire, UK). We carried out several activities including a small-scale excavation.

 To see a video of the excavation click here.

To read about the other activities click here.

A formal report of the excavation findings will be published in the near future.

Dave Weldrake

August 2012